About Us

Taco Anneveldt

Hi there! My name is Taco Anneveldt, I live in the Netherlands and I am the founder of Wurban Wear. For years I am both teaching and practicing freerunning and parkour a lot. So setting up a brand in this scene felt like second nature!

Before setting up Wurban Wear i always faced the same problem: Finding awesome streetstyled clothes which were qualitatively good and affordable as well. None of the brands I came across had all three, so at that point the idea of doing it myself came up!

Taco Anneveldt

Our brand name originates from our believes. The “W” stands for Worldwide and urban is our culture. Together it creates Wurban Wear. With our brand we believe in connecting  people from all over te world, we want to unite all different cultures and we want to “include the excluded”!

wurban clothing

With our brand we’re continuesly striving for the best quality possible. Therefore we work with trustworty suppliers which delivers quality and sustainable products again and again with every single order.

In one thing we varie from other streetwear brands are the costs. We try and strive each and every time for the best products for a fair and not overpriced price.